Drug and alcohol addiction can happen to anyone, but it can be especially frightening if you notice signs of addiction in your spouse or partner. It can be terrifying to realize that your wife or husband is addicted, especially as you try to figure out the next step.


Addiction can affect marriage and family life as communication breaks down and finances fall apart. It may also lead to domestic abuse.. This article will outline everything you need to know about how to help addicted spouse.


Signs Your Spouse is Using 

People who are abusing substances often go to great lengths to hide it, usually out of shame or fear. For this reason, it is important to learn to recognize the symptoms of addiction.

Behavioral Changes 

People who are abusing drugs or alcohol often undergo a behavioral change. Some of this depends on the substance; some of it has to do with their efforts to hide their addiction.


Some of the most common behavioral changes you might notice in an addicted spouse include:


Emotional Changes 

Emotional changes that come with addiction may include:


Physical Signs 

Physical signs of addiction may include:


Other Signs

Some people begin to suspect that their spouse may be using drugs because of things they notice around the house. These might include:


Treatment Options for Your Spouse 

Once you know your spouse is struggling with addiction, there are several treatment options. It may take a while for your spouse to agree to get treatment or even to admit that they have a problem. Once you have crossed that hurdle, however, the two of you can work together to find the best treatment for your unique situation.


If you have never experienced addiction in your life before, you may not know what treatment entails. Many people know about “rehab,” but what does that actually mean, and how do you know what the right choice is for your spouse? Here are a few of the top treatment options and how to know which one is best for your family.


Detox treatment is not “quitting cold turkey” or a method to undergo without help. Instead, approved detox methods involve the support of a doctor and take place in a safe facility. It is vital that an addicted person not attempt detox treatments alone, since drug and alcohol withdrawals can cause serious or even life-threatening symptoms. Detoxification is usually used alongside other treatments and therapies to address the causes of the addiction.


Inpatient treatment is what most people think of as “rehab”. Patients check themselves into a treatment facility, where they receive 24-hour care and support to withdraw from substances. During this time, they also have access to therapy and other programs to help them pinpoint the cause of their addiction and learn coping mechanisms.


Outpatient can be a great option for married people, as it offers more freedom and normalcy. In an outpatient program, patients usually dedicate between 10 and 12 hours every week to participating at a treatment center. These programs often include individual counseling and couples addiction treatment, group support, coping mechanisms, and more.

Get Help for Your Loved One 

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