1. How Can I Afford Treatment? Do You Accept Insurance?

Creo Spero works with most major insurance providers. Creo Spero will work directly with your insurance company. Our admissions team offers a free insurance benefits check to see if your insurance will cover most of the costs associated with addiction treatment at Creo Spero.

2. How Long is Treatment?

In the past, 28 days was the golden number for the suggested length of rehab for substance abuse. Today in 2019, we know that number doesn’t work for most people. Here at Creo Spero, we offer a truly individualized treatment program, meaning each client’s stay is unique to their individual needs. Most clients have a detox period that lasts 5-7 days, sometimes longer depending on the situation. After detox is completed, clients typically stay anywhere from 30-60 days in our residential program, again depending on each client’s personal issues with substance abuse.

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    3. Can I See My Family During Treatment?

    We here at Creo Spero understand that addiction is a family disease and that family dynamics are a crucial part of the recovery process. We offer family therapy (in-person and remote), educational workshops, couple’s addiction treatment, and visitation from family members to help the entire family heal and recover from the chaos of active addiction.

    4. What Types of Treatment Do You Offer?

    Creo Spero is a residential drug & alcohol treatment center located in Santa Ana, CA close to Huntington Beach in Orange County. We offer detoxification, residential inpatient, short-term rehab, and Medication-Assisted Therapy for clients seeking treatment for drug & alcohol abuse. Our unique, evidence-based program combines traditional treatment methods with creative therapies like music and art therapy, to assist clients in achieving long-term recovery.

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    5. Do You Offer Medication-Assisted Therapy to All Clients?

    While the ultimate goal for most clients is complete abstinence, here at Creo Spero we understand addiction as the complex medical illness that it is. Knowing that we utilize evidence-based therapies including MAT or Medication-Assisted Therapy. Typically those addicted to opioids and alcohol are ideal candidates for MAT including Vivitrol, Suboxone, Antabuse and other medications that can assist the recovery process.

    6. How Do You Incorporate Music & Art in Treatment?

    Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.

    Creo Spero believes in creating hope through our innovative and creative-based addiction treatment program. Music and art are important parts of the human experience, and we incorporate both into all aspects of our program. Clients can find various instruments, art supplies, and inspiration through each other in the creative environment at Creo Spero.

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