Much like humans, addiction comes in different types. Someone can be addicted to alcohol, or street drugs like cocaine. Anyone can have a cocaine addiction. If you are suspicious that someone you love has a cocaine addiction, you’re probably curious about what the signs and symptoms of cocaine addiction are. 

Addiction of any kind is not to be taken lightly, nonetheless, cocaine addiction presents a serious problem that needs to be treated with the utmost caution. Have a loved one who has a cocaine addiction? It’s time to seek out professional help

What is Cocaine?

Cocaine is one of the most commonly used drugs in the world. It’s sold as a crystal-like, powdery substance most often inhaled through the nose. Cocaine can also be injected or swallowed. Addiction to cocaine can happen after frequent, heavy usage. To know if your loved one is suffering from cocaine addiction, you’ll need to know the signs and symptoms of a cocaine addict. 

What Are The Most Common Signs and Symptoms of Cocaine Addiction?

Before you start looking at treatment centers, you’ll want to be sure that you’re loved one has a cocaine addiction. There are certain behaviors that cocaine addicts will exhibit. The signs and symptoms of cocaine addiction include:

  • Being irritable
  • Being paranoid for no reason
  • Being extremely hyper/stimulated 
  • Having dilated pupils
  • Having mood swings
  • Having financial problems constantly
  • Not taking care of themselves (avoiding personal hygiene)
  • Not enjoying hobbies they use to love
  • Engaging in unsafe activities
  • Not sleeping/sleeping too much
  • Constantly lying

Exhibiting these signs and symptoms points to your loved one suffering from cocaine addiction. Don’t go into panic mode yet, there are treatment options available. Your loved one can recover from their cocaine addiction as long as you take the right steps to get them the right help. 

What Should I Do if I Notice Cocaine Addiction in Loved One?

Once you notice any unwanted, harmful behavior that assumes a cocaine addiction, the first step to take is getting your loved one professional help at a drug rehab center. Drug rehab centers will give your loved one the best chance at recovery.

At these centers, they will have access to help anytime they have trouble coping without drugs or alcohol. The healthcare professionals at the drug rehab centers are there to help your loved ones fight off their demons in more healthy ways. Learning that emotional pain can be dealt with without using drugs or alcohol is difficult for addicts to process. 

In their minds, the only possible way to be pain-free is with drugs like cocaine. 

Will Drug Treatment Centers Work for Cocaine Addiction?

Yes. Drug treatment centers can work wonders for those who have a cocaine addiction. It doesn’t matter what your loved one is addicted to, they will be able to get help from a drug treatment center. 

At a drug treatment center, you can expect to find services like:

  • Individual and group therapy
  • Detoxification (if needed)
  • Aftercare treatment
  • Extensive outpatient treatment 
  • Medication-assisted treatment
  • Mental health treatment
  • Short-term stabilization 

The services your loved one needs will depend on their addiction, and your insurance coverage. Most addicts will have a combination of services that they receive at the drug rehab center. This is due to the fact that treating an addict isn’t a one-step process.

What If I Can’t Help Them?

The best kind of help a cocaine addict can get is from a drug rehabilitation center. Professional help is the only way any addict can get better and back on the right path. Please keep in mind that there is no easy fix to addiction. You can help them by getting them to a drug rehab center once you notice that they aren’t themselves anymore. 

Overcoming addiction is a long, arduous road. Recovery is possible, but it’s not going to be easy to get there. The addict will need an intense amount of medical and familial support to recover. Don’t give up on your loved one who has a cocaine addiction.

You may not be able to help them in the way that they need, but you can get them the help that they desperately need at Creo Spero. At Creo, they’ll be in safe hands 24/7. Their recovery journey starts here and now. 

Contact Creo Spero at 1-888-235-8353 or email them at for more information regarding a stay for your loved one. 

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