Drugs are substances that can change the way your brain usually works. This can cause temporary changes in your mood, how you think, and how you act. Drugs can be categorized into two groups: illegal drugs and prescription drugs. Many people unintentionally become addicted to the most commonly abused prescription drugs.

Illegal drugs are substances that are not prescribed by a doctor or obtained through a pharmacy. Prescription drugs are substances that have been approved by the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in treating health conditions but may be abused by individuals who take them without medical supervision or who take more than the prescribed dose.

What is Prescription Drug Abuse?

Prescription drug abuse, also known as prescription drug misuse or simply PDA, is the intentional or unintentional use of prescription medication in a manner not prescribed by the person’s doctor.

For decades, prescription medication addiction has been a big problem in our culture. Because these drugs can be hard to stop taking, the number of people with drug-related problems like depression, anxiety, and physical dependence has gone up.

Drug addiction can be a debilitating condition affecting the user’s physical health, relationships, work-life, and mental health. Getting off addictive drugs may require the help of a treatment program. For those who suffer from addiction or have a loved one who does, there is support available that can provide medical monitoring throughout detox.

What are the 3 Most Commonly Abused Prescription Drugs?

The three most commonly abused prescription drugs in the United States are opioids, benzodiazepines, and stimulants. IIn the United States, opioids are the most commonly abused prescription drugs. They are used to treat pain but can be addictive and dangerous if they are not taken as prescribed. 

The second most commonly abused prescription drug is benzodiazepines which are used to treat anxiety and sleep disorders but can also be addictive if taken incorrectly or without a doctor’s supervision. 

The third most commonly abused prescription drug is stimulants, often used to treat ADHD but can be addictive if taken without a doctor’s supervision.

What are the Signs of Prescription Drug Abuse?

Many people abuse prescription drugs to get high, while others take them as directed by their doctor. There are many signs that may indicate you or a loved one might be abusing prescription drugs. Some of these signs include:

  • Physical changes
  • Behavior problems
  • Relationship/financial issues
  • Isolating from family and friends 

If you or a loved one are exhibiting these troubling signs, it’s time to consider receiving treatment. Early intervention is the best when it comes to any kind of addiction. 

How Does Prescription Drug Abuse Affect Your Body and How to Get Help?

There are a variety of prescription drugs that are abused by people. Recreational use of these drugs can result in addiction, overdose, and death. Addiction can be treated by receiving help for prescription drug abuse once a problem is identified. 

To get help for prescription abuse, it’s best to seek out professional help from an addiction recovery center. A drug rehab facility is a great place to get help for prescription drug abuse because they offer medical supervision and medication-assisted therapy. They also have clinicians on staff who are educated in everything to do with addiction. 

At Creo Spero, we offer the best chance of recovery for those dealing with prescription drug abuse. Our program is individually-based, meaning every treatment plan is different for every patient. We offer professional counseling and support services that help people work towards sustainable sobriety.

Contact us today to start the recovery process! It’s super easy, and our trained staff will answer any questions or concerns you have about staying at our facility. 

Want to get started right away? Don’t hesitate to call us at 888-235-8353. We can’t wait to hear your story and how we can help you recover. It’s always a good time to change your life.

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