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An Overview of Treatment at Creo Spero Recovery

Creo Spero guides each client back to mainstream society from addiction through a simple and effective formula for success. We are committed to providing behavioral health services for adults, using both traditional and holistic methods, to cultivate positive change in all negatively impacted areas of their life.

Creo Spero Recovery believes that recovery is a life-long process and affects every area of life. Clients are introduced to concepts that enforce the philosophy and practice the disease concept of addiction, today’s scientific and evidence-based practices as well as self-help or social support programs.

Our drug rehab in Huntington Beach, California believes in helping each client develop sober behavior patterns in all areas including family, employment, relationship, and living skills. We believe such changes are crucial to a successful transition back to a healthy lifestyle.

Our approach to substance abuse treatment is based on five basic principles.

  • Strong Clinical Foundation
  • Strong Educational Program
  • Client Safety & Comfort
  • Fundamental Values
  • Genuine Client Care

Creative Recovery

Creo Recovery will help you transform your live by helping you find rhythm in your recovery. Our Program is designed to spark hope in the beginning stages of recovery. We understand that a life without purpose can seem meaningless. Some of the most rewarding experiences life can offer comes with sacrifice of self, determination, and travelling beyond our comfort zone.

The solution to making our most laborious efforts in life a positive and enjoyed part of daily life is to tap into our creative core. What is our creative core? It is the source inside of us that gives us strength to look outside of our current perceived reality and empowers us to experience and enjoy a new way of life. Addiction has created negative emotional ruts that have quenched our ability to see our maximum potential.

By finding balance at the core of our being, we can be freed from all of the obstacles that have kept us from peace and happiness in life. We truly balance a strong traditional and holistic elements that centers around the human being and utilize creativity to help individuals gain a positive outlook in life and long term recovery.

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    What is the Residential Inpatient Process?

    Our program is designed to address emotional and behavioral problems such as chronic relapse, substance abuse/addiction, compulsive disorders, depression, co-occurring disorders, trauma and abuse, anger management, self-esteem issues, codependency, life skills, and personal and spiritual growth. While in the program, services will include group therapy, individual sessions, family therapy, substance abuse education, psycho-education, relapse prevention education, life planning and goal setting, Personal and spiritual growth, recovery planning groups and individualized family sessions.

    As a Client, you will learn about important concepts needed to provide a foundation for recovery (the disease model, relapse prevention, anger management, family issues, etc.). We will help you learn how to identify and reduce emotional and behavioral obstacles to recovery, how to apply it to daily life (at home, at work, etc.), and will develop a realistic and sound plan for aftercare and continuing care.

    After discharge, clients participate in a full aftercare program and alumni organization that ensures the Client has the ongoing support for continued recovery. Ongoing therapy or treatment will be provided as needed and involvements in the Creo Spero program and self-help meetings are encouraged. Throughout the entire program, Clients will attend chaperoned outside support self-help meetings. These may include but are not limited to AA, NA, CA, GA, OA, SA and MA meetings.

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    Psychiatric Evaluations & Dual-Diagnosis Treatment

    Trained personnel under the supervision of the clinical director, our therapists and counselors will perform all counseling services. A therapist specializing in the area of family therapy for clients with drug and alcohol problems facilitates the family group.

    For those clients who are in need of additional dual-diagnosis treatment, we may refer clients to outside agencies for psychiatric evaluations, follow up and medication management. Studies have shown that by ensuring that any and all mental illness is addressed, clients chances of long-term recovery increases.

    Family Involvement

    Our program is designed to improve family communications, address family issues and provide the opportunity to share in positive outcomes. The foremost goal is to heal the Client and the family through counseling and family support. Clients are encouraged to have family involvement. All family members and significant others are strongly encouraged to attend family group and/or individual family sessions as needed. Family members and significant others will also be informed on how to contact Al-Anon, Coda, ACA and/or other family therapists as referrals.

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    You are a special individual and that is why we personalize each treatment plan. Thorough evaluation and assessments are conducted within the first several days at Creo Spero. A team of counselors will assess each physical, social, emotional, and behavioral problem. A treatment plan will be generated to meet the specific needs of each client. There will be periodic reviews to determine any other treatment goals that can be added to the treatment experience.

    If you are ready to take the first step towards a new, sober life, call us today at 1-866-319-6820. Our creative-based treatment program utilized evidence-based therapies, modern & traditional therapies, and holistic practices to provide clients with the latest options that are proven to work.

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