People who hit a real crisis in their addiction may need an intervention known as short-term stabilization. This involves a brief period of inpatient care to treat an immediate need such as an overdose. It may also be used for someone who has hit rock bottom and needs to rest, begin a course of treatment, and start to get better before they can start the longer process of recovery. If you can no longer function in your daily life without your drug, or if getting it has completely consumed you, a short-term stabilization program might be a good fit. These programs have several benefits that can start you on the road to true recovery and taking back your life.

Protecting You from Yourself

Detoxing from drugs can put you in a very vulnerable position, and it is not something that you should do alone. If you don’t have access to a caregiver who can be by your side, or your addiction has taken over, a facility can help you stay clean through those first important days and weeks. If you are at home on your sofa suffering severe withdrawal symptoms, it may be an easy decision to score the drug of your choice and make the pain end. When you are in a short-term stabilization program, you have not only doctors, but other professionals to talk to you and convince you not to give up.

Helping You Through Withdrawals

People who stop using alcohol, opioids, and other drugs often suffer severe withdrawal symptoms. These can include fever, chills, hallucinations, and severe nausea. Severe cramping due to dehydration is also common among people who are detoxing. One of the reasons it is difficult to get through this on your own is that while you are experiencing these symptoms, your cravings for the drug that got you there intensify. Your brain and your body know that doing that drug will take away the pain. Being in a facility surrounded by professional staff members to take care of you makes it easier to get through this painful but necessary process.

Getting Proper Medication

When you are in a short-term stabilization program, doctors can help by prescribing you drugs to help you get through detoxification. They might start with drugs that your body needs immediately to help combat the damage done by your addiction. They can also start the process of deciding whether you will need long-term medication to stop you from using again. Especially for people with addictions to opioids, medication assisted treatment can start after detox to help keep the cravings away.

Starting on the Road to Physical Health

People who suffer from addiction very often also suffer from poor physical health. Food in general, but especially healthy food, is simply not a priority. Neither is proper hydration or exercise. This can lead to physical ailments that make the addiction stronger, as addicts turn to drugs to hide the pain. Starting the path to recovery means not only weaning your body from drugs but getting back to proper nutrition and otherwise taking care of yourself. This doesn’t mean you can necessarily dive back into big meals. You may need to start with juice and small servings of nutritious food until your body can handle more. A short-term stabilization program has the staff on hand to help ensure you are taking the right first steps.

Starting on the Road to Mental Health

It is not easy to choose recovery, and it is a long road once you have made that choice. If your recovery begins during short-term stabilization, you will have the opportunity to really think about your life while others help you deal with the detoxification itself. While many people detoxify at home, they have the additional burden of dealing with their withdrawal and the mental stress of looking back on what their lives have become. Going through that in a safe environment with professional help can ease your mental burden.

Preventing a Crisis

While many people who end up in short-term stabilization get there because they overdosed, had a mental or physical breakdown, or were ordered there by a court, they aren’t the only people who benefit from these programs. If you know that you are one mistake away from one of those crises, choosing a short-term stabilization program can help stop them from happening. If you have taken stock of your life and your addiction, and don’t think you can quit on your own, you don’t have to.

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