Do You Need Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)?

Medication assisted treatment, or MAT, is the use of approved drugs to help people overcome their use of other substances. It is used to treat alcohol and other addictions, but it is most used to treat people who abuse opioids such as heroin or painkillers. The drugs used in MAT can help you fight cravings and get your brain chemistry back in balance. It has been proven to be effective in several clinical trials, especially when used in combination with therapy and a support framework to assist in your recovery. Given its proven effectiveness, you should consider the multiple benefits of medication assisted treatment services to fight your addiction.


A Better Chance of Staying in Treatment

Recovering from addiction can be a long process, so it is important that you use every tool available to stick with your recovery plan. If your addiction has reached the point that you need medicated assisted treatment, there is no shame in taking that first step. Sharing in support groups and maintaining healthy habits is hard enough, but these processes are even more difficult if you are constantly fighting drug cravings or trying to find ways to support your habit. The drugs you take during MAT help you stop taking those other drugs, and they help set the stage for long-term success.


A Decrease in Criminal and Other Bad Behaviors

It is not easy to support a drug habit, and it is not unusual for people who abuse drugs and alcohol to turn to crime to support their habits. Stealing from family and friends is common. When that is no longer an option, people often turn to stealing from others. Fits of rage at an inability to secure drugs are also common. Addiction is a disease, and once your body demands that you keep feeding that addiction, you can turn into a completely different person who only cares about that one thing. Medication assisted treatment helps stop the underlying problem, which is your dependence on the drug that got you addicted.


Help in Re-Entering Society

People with severe addiction problems engage in behaviors that set them apart and effectively remove them from regular societal circles. They have difficulty maintaining friendships with anyone other than those with whom they share an addiction. They have often completely severed their family connections due to their behavior, embarrassment, or just lack of care about anything other than their addiction. They have difficulty holding down jobs. Once you seek proven medication assisted treatment services and stick with the program, you increase your chances of getting and keeping a job and rebuilding those familial and other relationships that will help keep you on the road to success and happiness.


Reduced Chances of Transmitting Diseases

People with severe addiction problems have increased chances of contracting diseases such as hepatitis and HIV because of their risky behaviors. Poor eating habits and a lack of exercise and other healthy activities can lead to other short and long-term medical problems. Once you seek medication assisted treatment services, you are more likely to lead a life where you care about your health, and more likely to engage in activities to maintain it. This protects not only you, but the people you interact with who could also contract those diseases.


It May Save Your Life

The most immediate benefit of MAT is that it can save you from overdosing on the drug that led to your addiction. Getting you off that drug is the most important first step. Until you do that, you will continue to risk overdose and continue to put yourself in dangerous situations to obtain your drugs. Getting away from your addiction also makes it safer for your friends and family to be around you, especially children.

If you have tried other methods of recovery or know that you have a severe addiction and need immediate help to stop abusing, consider medication assisted treatment. It is proven effective, and for some people it may be the only way to move on to the next steps in their recovery.




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