If you’re looking into rehab centers for a loved one, you may be wondering if your insurance will cover treatment services. The good news is drug rehab centers accept a wide range of insurances, including the ever-popular Anthem of Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Finding a drug rehab center that accepts Anthem Blue Cross can be a challenging feat if you don’t know what is covered. You’re in luck because using Anthem Blue Cross for substance abuse treatment means you have a lot of options for choosing an inpatient rehab or a detox center for your loved one. Addiction isn’t a monster that can be fought off without help. 

Do you have Anthem Blue Cross as your primary insurance? Well, you’ve come to the right place to get all of your questions answered about drug rehabilitation services covered by Anthem Blue Cross. 

Do Drug Rehab Centers Accept All Insurances?

Drug rehabilitation centers accept insurance. However, what insurances they accept will depend on the insurance companies that have contracts with. The key is finding out which rehab centers accept Anthem Blue Cross. 

The rehab centers that accept Anthem Blue Cross are going to be the ones you want to hone in on. Don’t spend your time looking at centers that aren’t covered by Anthem Blue Cross unless you’re looking to pay completely out of pocket. 

You can use this website to check if Anthem Blue Cross is accepted by any rehab center you’re checking out. 

Does Anthem Blue Cross Cover Drug Rehab Centers?

Yes! Anthem of Blue Cross Blue Shield does cover rehab center services. The amount of coverage given will depend heavily on the chosen insurance plan. 

Insurance companies have different tiers when it comes to the plans they have to choose from. Lower tiers won’t have as much coverage as higher tiers. Being a policyholder of Anthem of  Blue Cross Blue Shield means you belong to one of these tiers:

  • Bronze Tier: Covers 60% of medical bills.
    • High deductibles
    • Low monthly payments
  • Gold Tier: Covers 70% of medical bills.
    • Low deductibles
    • Higher monthly payments than bronze policyholders
  • Silver Tier: Covers 80% of medical bills.
    • Low deductibles
    • High monthly payments
  • Platinum Tier: Covers 90% of medical bills
    • Low deductibles
    • Very high monthly payments

As you can see, which tier you’re a part of will decide how much Anthem Blue Cross will pay for drug and alcohol treatment services. 

Whatever Anthem Blue Cross doesn’t pay is what you will need to pay for out of pocket. If they pay for $7,000 out of a $7,150 rehabilitation stay, then you’ll have to pay the rest of the $150. Another reason you need to make sure the rehab stay and consequential services are covered by Anthem Blue Cross. 

If you pick a drug center that’s not in-network with your insurance provider, you must be ready to fork over big bucks. 

What Treatment Services Does Anthem Blue Cross Cover at Drug Rehab Centers?

Anthem of Blue Cross Blue Shield rehabilitation coverage will depend on the drug rehab center you are looking at, the treatment services that will be needed, and what tier of Anthem Blue Cross you have. No two patients with the same addiction are alike, particularly when it comes to treatment. 

To find out what is and isn’t covered by Anthem of Blue Cross, we highly suggest checking out the site we mentioned. It’s a good idea to make a call to the number on the back of your insurance ID card to verify your benefits. 

How To Know When You’ve Found The Right Drug Rehab Center

You’ll know when you’ve found the right rehab center when it’s: 1) covered by insurance, and 2) offers the right treatment services. The right treatment services offer the best chance of recovery for the addict. 

Much like you wouldn’t pick out the first fruit you see, take your time when deciding on a drug rehab center. This is where the addict will be staying for a lengthy amount of time, so skimping out on doing informative research will be a bad idea. 

Ask all the questions you can – to the insurance company and the drug rehab centers you’re thinking about. Don’t leave any stone unturned, you want to make sure you’re leaving your loved one in good hands. 
That’s why you should contact Creo Spero and speak to an admissions counselor. They take Anthem Blue Cross, plus they’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you have about using Anthem Blue Cross for a rehabilitation stay.

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