The situation involving COVID-19 (coronavirus) continues to evolve requiring care and due diligence in our actions. We would like to take a moment to inform you about how we are ensuring the health and safety of our clients, their families, and our employees.

“We are committed to the ongoing care and treatment of our clients and believe that our small size treatment centers are uniquely suited to providing care while maintaining the health and safety of our clients and staff.” – Creo Spero Treatment Center 

There have been no reports of COVID-19 in any of our programs and we have taken the appropriate steps to prevent and minimize the spread of any disease at our treatment centers. We follow state and federal health agency recommendations, as well as recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO), to ensure that we have the most up-to-date information to help guide our policies and procedures.

These are just some of the measures we have put in place to ensure the safety of our clients, their families, and our employees:

Residential Programs

  • We will conduct a screening prior to admission asking questions about recent travel, flu-like symptoms, and their contact with individuals who are suspected or confirmed of having COVID-19
  • Pursuant to CDC recommendations we will be instructing staff to stay home if they are sick 
  • Business-related travel limited to essential trips only
  • Increased availability of sanitation materials and sanitary practices across our programs and facilities
  • Adhere to hand hygiene protocols in accordance with guidelines issued by the CDC
  • Increased social distancing among patients and staff including no handshakes
  • Weekend visitation to our facilities have been temporarily suspended
  • Limited off-site excursions by clients to locations where larger groups congregate
  • Simplified patient access to connect with family and friends via phone and computer

Outpatient Programs

Beginning on Friday, March 20, clients at Creo-Spero’s Outpatient Center will begin attending individual and therapy group sessions via video/telehealth meetings. If you are a current client please contact your therapist for instructions on attending video/telehealth meetings. We will regularly re-evaluate the need for telehealth sessions and it is our hope to resume in-person sessions soon. 

Creo-Spero Cares

These steps have been taken to ensure that our clients can continue to receive excellent care in a safe and healthy environment. We truly appreciate your trust in Creo-Spero as we continue to navigate these difficult times together. Rest assured that we have the preparation and experience necessary to successfully manage these challenges and continue to care for your loved one. Thank you for placing your trust in Creo-Spero Treatment Centers.

About Creo-Spero Treatment Centers

Creo Spero builds hope in the foundation of our clients recovery. Concurrently, our  evidence based practices and creative based holistic methods heal the mind, body and soul. We help our clients create hope by helping them build emotion regulating methods that they can apply to the challenges they face in and after treatment.

Residential Inpatient

We are committed to providing behavioral health services for adults, using both traditional and holistic methods, to cultivate positive change in all negatively impacted areas of their life.


Creo-Spero Treatment Centers offer many specialty programs in Addiction Treatment for veterans, LGBTQ communities and more.

Short Term Stabilization

Short-Term rehab comfortably and safely transitions clients from detox to outpatient drug treatment. In short term rehab, clients receive individual and group therapy, counseling, and medication management.

MAT Services

Creo Spero offers Medication-Assisted Treatment to clients on an individual basis. Not every person needs MAT when seeking treatment for substance abuse. Those who have chronic relapse issues are prime candidates for Medication-Assisted Therapy at Creo Spero.

First Responders

First responders deserve respect, exceptional treatment, and support from professionals who are equipped with a solid understanding of addiction and mental health.  Our first-class level of clinical expertise provides services dedicated to treating the underlying causes of addiction.

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