Once you decide that you want to recover, it is important to take stock of what lies down the road. Recovery is a difficult process, both mentally and physically. You may face withdrawal symptoms and persistent feelings that you just aren’t strong enough to make it. This is especially the case if this isn’t your first attempt at recovery. It is during those times that you want to turn back to your addiction that you will most need a recovery support system. Build that system first, and you will greatly improve your chances of beating your addiction. There are several places you can turn.

Support Groups

It may be tempting to attempt to recover on your own. Many people are embarrassed by the idea of recovery, and knowing what they will go through makes them pull further into their shell and decide to go it alone. It is important to overcome your doubts and let other people get involved in your recovery. You have a better chance of successfully making it through the process if you have people you can turn to. Find a support group with people as much like you as possible. The more comfortable you feel in your support group, the more likely you are to stick with it and develop relationships that can help you through the long process.

Recovery happens in stages, and it is a long struggle. People in support groups are going through, or have gone through, the same difficult process you are about to undertake. They can provide not only a place for you to share, but a place to turn when you hit a rough patch. When you first start, you may need to go daily, or even several times a day. As time goes on, you may decide to join multiple support groups as you find those that best fit your needs. People who have been successful for years are sometimes able to stay that way because they keep their support group system in place, and turn to them when they need help.

Family Members and Friends

Going back to family and friends that you may have hurt during the worst of your addiction is never easy. That being said, identifying one or more people in your circle willing to help can be an important part of building your recovery support framework. Let them know how important your recovery is to you, and that you are also seeking help through support groups and other avenues. It won’t be easy, but share with them as much as possible how important your recovery is to you, and how much having their support means to you.

Be careful when deciding which family members and friends to turn to. You should surround yourself with people that are free of addictions themselves, or with people who are also recovering and can provide another level of support. If your circle of friends is made up of people who share your addiction, you are not likely to get the support you need. If that is the case, try to make new friends as you build your recovery support system. You will find during the recovery process that you have to go to different places and do different things than you did in your old life. Use that opportunity to find people that are willing to stand by your side to help during your recovery.

Sober Living Facilities

If your addiction problem is severe, or if you have made several attempts to recover, a sober living facility may provide the foundation for building your recovery support framework. There is no shame in admitting that you have to keep yourself completely away from the source of your addiction and be surrounded by professionals and other support staff to keep you on the right path. You will meet other people who are facing the same challenges, and you will have access to a structured environment and activities that are important as you try to forge your path ahead.

If you need help finding a sober living facility, or just help in general, reach out to local, state and federal officials for help. Call every hotline you can find, or go online using computers at the local library or community center if you don’t have your own. If there are places that can help you in your community, take a bus, train or walk if you must. Part of your recovery is developing new habits and celebrating your successes. Getting out there and building your recovery support network can give you the confidence you need to take the next step in your recovery process.

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